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Queen Beezara is an evil queen who attempted to destroy Paul Walker, ultimately before her demise.


Moments later, Beezara went to the soccer field at Harwood County High School. She had several Loogies with her.

Beezara: Silly games for silly boys. It's time to work for a living.

Beezara blasted all the guys with her venom. They fell to the ground and were unable to move.

Beezara: Take them to my hive.

The Loogies dragged the guys away.

Beezara: I'll show Malkor and his cronies that I mean business.  I'll work these males to the bone.

Two guys ran onto the field. 

Noah: Stop right there!

Paul:  Whoa! That's a big bad beetle!

Beezara: Beetle!! How dare you insult me! I am Queen Bee and will be address as such.

Beezara shoots her venom at the guys. Noah and Paul leaped out of the way and avoided being hit. The guys pulled out their Gosei Morphers.

Noah: It's morphin time!

Noah and Paul: Go Go Megaforce!

Paul: Megaforce Black!

Noah: Megaforce Blue!

Blue Ranger and Black Ranger charged towards Beezara. Blue Ranger and Black Ranger fought Beezara.

Beezara: You insolent humans! You think this is any way to treat a queen!

Beezara knocked Blue Ranger to the ground. Beezara kicked and struck Black Ranger, knocking him to the ground as well. Blue Ranger hurried over to Black Ranger. 

Blue Ranger: Paul!

Blue Ranger and Black Ranger got up. Beezara shot them with her venom.

Blue Ranger: Bee venom! It's toxic!

Black Ranger: I'm going numb!

Blue Ranger and Black Ranger demorph and fall to the ground, in a lot of pain.

Beezara: Oh, what happened?

Paul: I can't move!

Noah: Me neither!

Beezara walked up to the fallen guys.

Beezara: You'll move when I let you. Once you're in my hive, you'll become my slaves. Think what an honor it'll be to serve me, the Queen Bee, for the rest of your sorry little lives.