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Chandler Parsons is the Green Ranger for every season.

Chandler has a sharp mind and he's good at what he does best: fighting evil. Chandler is especially good at fighting in human and/or android form. Due to him being very chivalrous, Chandler fights monsters who are attempting to destroy him.

Chandler endures brutal physical hand-to-hand combat and rigid discipline, and his training combined with his enhanced physique makes him nearly unstoppable when facing the monsters, though he is by no means invincible. Chandler is very skilled and lethal enough in battle and sparring when it comes to fighting monsters and their henchmen.

Would Hit a Woman

In all fairness to Chandler, every female monster and henchman he's ever fought and destroyed, is some sort of super-strong monster who tries to kill him.

If Chandler does, it's either because he believes in beating monsters up equally, or because he knows that holding back against female opponents is a good way to get him killed or endanger his friends.

If Chandler does not, he will certainly put them in their place somehow: flirting. Chandler would even resort to physical violence if needed, even though Chandler is very chivalrous.